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Instruction on how to Backup Nintendo Wii games to recordable DVD-r or SD flash Card or external USB Hard Drive. Play backups from Wii isos that are copied to 4GB SD cards, USB HDD or burned to DVD-R / DVD-RW discs. SoftChip Wii Backup Loader and Backup Launcher by WiiGator and the original Wii Backup Loader by Waninkoko make it possible to run copied games without installing a hardware modchip into the console.
Wii ModChips - Buy Nintendo Wii modchips and boot discs.
Nintendo Wii Emulators - console game eumulators running Wii
Wii Remotes - wiimote mods and hacks. Connect remote to PC.

Wii Mod-Chips - Nintendo Wii mod chips that could hold alternative Firmware or inject necessary code to authenticate backup discs are being worked on.
Nintendo Wii Roms - with Action Replay and an sd card or dvd-r you can run roms on wii in CameCube mode.

Virtual Console.info - hopefully with a mod-chip you will be able to trade virtual console rom games on sd cards. Wii Keyboard - WiiBoard Wireless keyboard for Wii and using regular PC keyboard.WiiModChip.info - NintenWii modchip info portal with price & release date nfo.

Wii Roms.info - Virtual Console game rom revies and cheat codes.
Wii ISOs - backup wii games also known as wii iso are already released.
Nintendo Wii Roms.net - Download freeware games for your virtual console.
Wii Backup.info - Tutorials on how to backup dvd games to dvd-r or sd flash. Wii Backups will need to wait until a wii modchip comes out before we can run backups on Nintendo Wii console. USB Loader for playing Nintendo Wii Games from USB hard drive. by Waninkoko

Nintendo Wii WAD - Download Torrent Wii Wad files with WiiWare and Virtual Console ROMs as well as cIOS and custom Channels.

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